Cloverfield 2 The Monster Strikes Again

Just when the Cloverfield premiered, director Matt Reeves announced the possibilities of a sequel – so Cloverfield 2 is finally here for you. Reeves said that if the first movie is successful, the more likely the second film will come into fruition. And so the first movie grossed more than $170 million in the box office for a budget of $25 million. Now you know where the producers are heading.

Cloverfield 2 The Monster Strikes AgainFor a quick recap, and for the sake of those who are yet to experience the monster thrill of the film, Cloverfield is a story of six New York-based youngsters who attended a going-away party on the same night when a giant monster attacked the city. The success of the film at the box office is proof that monster films like Godzilla and King Kong still have their charisma. Apart from that, most film critics gave the movie a generally positive review. Not bad for a modern day monster flick when superhero movies dominate the big screen.

The cast of Cloverfield includes Michaels Stahl David, TJ Miller, Jessica Lucas, Odette Yutsman, Lizzy Caplan and Mike Vogel. The film was distributed by Paramount Pictures and was written by Drew Goddard.

The first Cloverfield utilized the “shaky camera,” to achieve the desired effect. The entire movie is seen from the perspective of an amateur videographer, like what you saw in The Blair Witch Project. There are rumors that Cloverfield 2 will most likely retain the shaky camera style and it is evident on Reeves’ statement during an interview.

While they were filming, there might be someone else who is also making a video recording of the events. That is a great possibility, especially now that young people are hooked to their cameras and other recording gizmos. That is where the fun lies, according to Reeves. In another interview, Reeves elaborated where the idea came from. He said that a there was a moment in the first film wherein the character captured someone who was also filming. As the character looked at the fallen head of the statue of liberty, the other guy was filming him. For a brief moment, they looked at each other using their cameras. Here, we can see two movies intersecting together.

Cloverfield 2 will probably deal with different points of view and perspectives. Thus, fans could expect to see more of the film’s awesomeness.

In addition, the scene wherein something falls into the ocean does not give details about the film. It could be the monster itself or a fallen satellite that is owned by the fictional company Tagruato. This means that there is more to the film that is going to be tackled on the part two. Producers J. J. Abrams and Bryan Burk expressed their thoughts about the second film too. They said that the creative team is working on making a back story and if they are successful, they can have more to explore in the future films.

Abrams stressed that he does not want to rush in developing the second film because of the first one’s success. What he wanted is to create something that is true to the first Cloverfield. By the end of January 2008, Reeves had been talking with Paramount Pictures about filming Cloverfield 2. But that would take place after Reeves is finished with The Invisible Woman.

The film has become open for new possible formats when Abrams told the media that they might abandon the original filming style. They were planning to do something that is cool. When asked about the possible locations, Abrams said that it is still too early to talk about. The team’s deviation from the original format could make or break the film since the “amateurish” style was the main factor why the movie is memorable.

If you are a fan of thriller films, then this is one movie to anticipate. Details about the film are yet to be released so be sure to check out for news and updates. And before marking your calendar for the release date, be sure to check out the trailer to get a peek of the second film. Just sit back and relax, and before you know it, the monster will be back to wreak havoc in your city. Really, that is what Cloverfield 2 is about.